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  • Kelly Bee Recovery: Redefining Post-Mastectomy Fashion As Seen On

    The journey of breast cancer recovery often leads to a crossroads of personal and physical challenges, especially when it comes to post-mastectomy...
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    Recommendations for some things to help get you through your top surgery or to put together a helpful care package for a friend. These items also won't break the bank, because you will only need them for a short time so why spend more than you need to. 
  • Mastectomy Recovery - Everything You Need to be Prepared

      Mastecomy Recovery Tips and Gift Ideas Everything you need to get through your mastectomy recovery smoothly or to put together the perfect mast...
  • Chemo Care Package - Gifts that will be truly helpful and appreciated

    Chemo Care Package ideas! Are you or a loved one about to start a chemo treatment plan? You want to put together a chemo care package, but have no...
  • Mastectomy Recovery - What You Need to be Prepared

    What you need to prepare for your mastectomy recovery and surgical drain management.