Breast Cancer Supporters

At Kelly Bee Recovery, our mission is to provide comfort, support, and a touch of joy to those facing the challenges of breast cancer. We understand that this journey is a path filled with emotional and physical hurdles. That's why we're dedicated to supporting not only the individuals battling breast cancer but also the incredible network of breast cancer supporters surrounding them.

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

NBCF is dedicated to helping individuals affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. They provide breast health resources, support for mammograms and diagnostic services, and educational guides. Their mission centers around providing help and inspiring hope in those impacted by breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen

This organization is focused on saving lives by addressing the most critical needs in communities and investing in breakthrough research for prevention and cure. Susan G. Komen offers a breast care helpline for free support from trained oncology social workers and guidance to local resources. They also provide financial assistance programs and a wealth of information on breast cancer, from risk factors to treatment and survivorship.

This is a reliable resource for anyone facing breast cancer, offering guidance and support. They aim to ensure that no one has to face breast cancer alone. They provide educational resources, treatment information, and an online community for support.

American Cancer Society's Reach To Recovery

This program has been helping individuals cope with their breast cancer experience for over 50 years. It offers support from the early stages of a possible diagnosis and continues as long as breast cancer remains a personal concern. They provide a helpline for information and answers, staffed by trained cancer information specialists.

American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF)

ABCF operates a national Breast Cancer Assistance Program to provide screenings and diagnostic tests for uninsured and underserved individuals, regardless of age, race, or gender. They strive to reduce barriers and facilitate diagnosis and treatment options, playing a crucial role in achieving equality in breast cancer outcomes.

Kelly Bee Recovery’s Role in Your Support Journey

At Kelly Bee Recovery, we stand with you in your fight against breast cancer. We’re committed to providing products that make the recovery process a bit easier and supporting the incredible network of individuals and organizations dedicated to this cause. 

Our products, crafted with care and understanding, are designed to make the recovery process more comfortable. From mastectomy recovery shirts with hidden pockets for surgical drains to a range of recovery garments, we strive to ease the daily challenges faced during recovery. Our upcoming products like mastectomy bras and pillows are being created with the same goal in mind - to make your journey smoother.

Supporting those who support breast cancer patients is a key part of our mission. We offer wholesale pricing for retailers, mastectomy fitters, and charitable organizations, making it easier for these vital breast cancer supporters to access our products and distribute them to those in need.

For more information or to browse our products, visit Kelly Bee Recovery.